Kurt Albert- Biografie in English

Kurt Albert is one of the leading European Tap Dancers with 30 years of experience in international showbusiness. He was fortunate to learn the art of American Rhythm Tap from authentic masters like Carnell Lyons (Kansas City, NYC, Berlin), Brenda Bufalino (NYC) and Buster Brown (NYC), who are his main influences. He although took workshops from Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Jimmy Slyde, Sarah Petronio, Steve Condos, Eddie Brown, Fred Kelly, Prince Spencer, Cookie Cook, Fay Ray and Leonard Reed. He was a member of Brenda Bufalinos “International Tap Dance Orchestra”, and since 1990 he has regularly been sharing the stage with Carnell Lyons, Brenda Bufalino and Josh Hilberman. For over thirty years he has been dancing with his partner Klaus Bleis in Germany’s best known tap duo “Tap and Tray” with international appearences in USA and throughout Europe.

Kurts credits include the New York City “Tap City” Festival (2001, 2003, 2006 und 2014), the Chicago Human Rhythm Project, the North Carolina Tap Festival, the Moscow “Tap Parade”, the Helsinki Tap Festival and the Rennes Tap Brezze Festival (France), the ARD TV Sportsgala, the “Jazzfestival on Sea”, “Rapsody in Taps” Los Angeles, the Toulon Jazz Festival and many performances in Jazz Clubs throughout Germany.

In 2008 Kurt Albert moved to Heidelberg, where, in addition to his continuing work with “Tap and Tray”, he works in the Jazz Band “Melody Rhythm and Tap” with drummer Allen Blairman and saxophone player Olaf Schönborn.

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For more details and current dates of Tap and Tray workshops and performances see dates below.

Teaching and Workshops

Kurt Albert is one of the leading European Tap Dance artists, with thirty years of experience in international Show Business. He has been teaching tap since 1989 in Nuremberg and teaches workshops throughout Europe and the USA.

Kurt has taught in workshops in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Kansas City, North Carolina and Porthmouth, New Hampshire. The most recent greater teaching event and performance – together with his dance partner Klaus Bleis – was at at the New York City “Tap City” Festival 2014.

In his teaching program he instructs the basics of rhythm and tap technique from beginner to advanced levels and teaches his own choreographies as well as the original dances of his mentor, the late Tapmaster Carnell Lyons (known for his exceptional authenticity and earthiness in the Kansas City Style).

In addition, he owns one of Europe’s most extensive Tap video collections. With the pictures of all the great Tap dance artists of the Tap Renaissance that he took over the years he did set up a huge, extraordinary Tap Picture exhibition in 2004, which is easy to transport. Thus it can easily be shown any place. Kurt’s lessons profit from his many years of stage experience and his comprehensive knowledge of tap history, which he likes to show in video lectures.

Kurt’s credits as teacher and performer include:

  • New York City”Tap City” Festival (2001, 2003, 2006 und 2014),
  • with “Rapsody in Taps” Los Angeles
  • North Carolina Tap Festival,
  • Kansas City TapDance Day
  • Rhythm at the Regent Boston,
  • Helsinki “City Beat” Tap Festival
  •  Internationales Tap Festival Limoges
  • Chicago Human Rhythm Projekt
  • Portsmouth Percussive Dance Festival
  • Moscow Tap Parade Festival
  • Festival D’Estiu Reus (Spain)
  • “Tap Breizh” Festival Rennes (France)
  • Tap Ahead Festival Düsseldorf
  • Tap  Festival Berlin
  • Heidelberg Human Rhythm Projekt
  • Monpellier Tap Festival

Upcoming Performances 2017


  • 10.April “Tap&Tray” Stuttgart Sparda Welt, Am Hauptbahnhof 3, 70173 Stuttgart
  • 6.Mai Kurt Albert Solist “Sacred Concert”, 19 Uhr Melanchthonkirche, Lange Rötterstrasse 39, 68167 Mannheim
  • 12. Mai “Melody Rhythm & Tap” 21 Uhr Jazzkeller Hanau Philippsruher Allee 22, 63450 Hanau
  • 13. Mai 2017 “Tap & Tray” Tapfestival Gent
  • 26. Mai “Melody Rhythm & Tap” Kulturfestival Bamberg
  • 28. Mai “Tap & Tray” 11 Uhr Kursaal Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt “Saloniker Swing Orchester
  • 5. Juni Kurt Albert Solist “Jazz Messe” 19.00 Uhr ev. Kirche St. Matthäus, Ohmplatz, Erlangen
  • 18. Juni “Tap & Tray” 11 Uhr Kursaal Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt “Saloniker Swing Orchester”
  • 18.Juni “Melody Rhythm & Tap” Jazzkeller Frankfurt Kleine Bockenheimer Str. 18a, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
    Tel: 069 288537
  • 7. Juli “Melody Rhythm & Tap” Jazz Club Ludwigsburg PODIUM / MUSIKHALLE am Bahnhof Bahnhofstr. 19
71638 Ludwigsburg
  • 10. September “Tap & Tray” 11 Uhr Kursaal Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt “Saloniker Swing Orchester”
  • 23. September Tap Festival Wien “Carnell Lyons Festival” mit Kurt Albert, Klaus Bleis, Sabine Hasicka, Josh Hilberman and Max Pollack 20 Uhr im Museumsquartier Halle G, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien (7th district, Vienna)
  • 29. September Space Jazz Nights Planetarium Mannheim MR&T Wilhelm-Varnholt-Allee 1 (Europaplatz), 68165 Mannheim
    Tel. 0621 – 41 56 92
  • 7. Oktober “Melody Rhythm & Tap” Kulturzentrum Tempel” Karlsruhe
    Hardtstrasse 37A, 76185 Karlsruhe, Telefon 0721 554174
  • 4. November “Tap & Tray” Brenda Bufalino and the “All Tap Band” Claquettes Club
    rue Belvaux 16 4030 Liège-Grivegnèe Belgien, Telefon 0472/105419 oder 0475/935359
  • 25. November Kurt Albert Solist “Voice Mania” Internationales a cappella Festival Wien
    Theater am Spittelberg Wien, Spittelberggasse 10, 1070 Wien, Österreich,
    Karten & Info: Telefon +43 1 / 526 13 85 bzw. tickets@voicemania.at


Past Performances:



  • 3. Dezember Stuttgart
  • 8. Dezember Jazzclub Kaiserslautern MR&T
  • 10. Dezember Stuttgart
  • 29. November Kulturzentrum Tempel Karlsruhe MR&T+Bass
  • 20. November Capitol Mannheim
  • 5. November Claquette Club Liege mit Sarah Petronio Leela Petronio Josh Hilberman und Pia Neises
  • 1. November Jazzherbst Sindelfingen mit STB Bigband T&T
  • 1. Oktober “MR&T plus Bass” Jazzhaus Heidelberg
  • 23. Juni Minoru Neckargemünd MR&T
  • 12. Juni Freiburg Bigband
  • 5. Juni Jazzkeller Frankfurt MR&T
  • 13-16. Mai Internationales Tap Festival Limoges
  • 12. Mai Argenton sur Creuse Frankreich
  • 2. Februar Jazzhaus Heidelberg Trio Variete
  • 2. März Jazzhaus Heidelberg Trio Variete
  • 9. März Stadthalle Heidelberg T&T
  • 18. März Tap Jam Wien
  • 25. April “an Evening with Swing and Tap” MR&T mit Joe Fonda und Nicole Metzger Mannheim
  • 1. Mai mit Katherine Kramer im “Claquette Club” Liège Belgien
  • 10. Mai Mezieres Frankreich
  • 11. Mai Courzeix Frankreich